James Cole

James Cole


Joining explorate

Membership in Explorate is open to expertise’s of all types not just photographers. Communications specialists, graphic designers, and any expertise that can be of help to the mission of Explorate is eligible.

  • Potential members must be recommended by an existing member
  • Potential members must have a body of work or track record
  • Potential members must be voted in by a majority of members
  • Membership will be limited for now to 10 members
  • Potential members be willing to contribute time and energy to the group
  • ·A probation period of 6 months as an associate before being granted full membership

Membership Benefits

  • A yearly publication of the Collectives work
  • Group Gallery shows of the Collectives work
  • Share in projects that are presented to the Collective
  • Mentoring/support group
  • Have a section on the Explorate website.
  • Be a rotating featured artist on the site as well as social media
  • Sharing resources like advice, gear, help etc.