"eplorate"- to explore

A COLLECTIVE of photographers, and professionals dedicated to working on humanitarian causes.

Photography is going through tremendous change because of economics and technology. Many talented photographers cannot get the attention that their work deserves. Lack of funding, peer support, and no access to having their work seen is a huge problem for established and emerging photographers.

Create a support system, a community of like-minded people, work together as a collective in a broad sense, enable and lift each other up rather than being competition.

Create change in the world through photography/video – educate, shine a light on issues/groups/injustice, our projects will be focused on humanitarian and / or social aspect to them; not commercial.

Create a movement with Explorate – a domino effect of sorts: “make the world a better place”, more open-minded, more connected. Promote kindness. There could be room for collaborations with other like-minded individuals or groups...

Help non-profits/NGOs to have a voice, help with their branding and vision.

Work in groups (when applicable) and pool resources together: tap into each other's networks when needed.

Use social media and combined contacts to promote the group and find projects.

"explorate" is a not for profit organization run by its members. All photographs are the property of its creators. 


william vazquez

william vazquez